Where to take a good shower in Rumney

Climbers are hard workers. Whether its spending the full day sweating on Rumney’s infamous hot south facing Main Cliff, or getting those feet filthy at the base while belaying your partner up Flesh for Lulu , Giant Man, or Technosurfing—climbers get dirty. Don’t forget the bug spray, random dirt scuff on your calf, scraped knee and uber chalky fingernails. Climbers want —nay—NEED showers before sliding into their brand new $200 sleeping bag they just picked up at REI. (REI is opening up a new location in North Conway September 2019) .

Very few climber friendly campgrounds offer shower facilities for their patrons. Shout out to Baker River Campground for having some! Barn Door Hostel and Campground also offers showers to campers —and hostel goers.

The shower in the camping area is powered by gravity! There is a small stream running through the property that has been naturally filtered through coarse sand and is redirected via black piping to the shower. The black pipe allows the sun’s rays to warm the water a little before reaching the shower head. You’ll need to provide your own towel and eco friendly soap, but damn does it feel good to take an outdoor shower after a long day at the crag.

The guests staying in the hostel have an even better treat. Barn Door Hostel has beds starting at just $20. But the real gem is in the bathrooms. Barn Door Hostel offers 4 foot wide shower stalls with rainfall shower heads that are mounted to the ceiling. Rumor has it, if you shower with the light off, the shower head glows. How romantic! Anyone with half a brain and $20 (via cash, app transfer [like Venmo] or credit card) can make the obvious choice to stay in the luxurious bed and wash away your shame because you whipped just after the third bolt of Sight Unseen. Don’t feel too bad, Ward Smith (the guy who literally wrote the book on Rumney) says about that climb “…took my first fall on a 5.6 in 38 years of climbing...”

Needless to say, if you’re a human, and you need a shower, come stay at the Barn Door Hostel.