Dave's Faves Volume 3 Weirs Beach

Dave’s Faves Volume 3

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Weirs Beach

Weirs Beach holds a special place in my heart. My grandparents house was just 9 miles away. As a kid this place was like Disney without the creepy costumes. It has amazing ice cream, cheap arcades, scenic train rides, adventurous boat rides, one of America’s last drive in movie theaters and of course a beach. Growing up here was the life. Grab a slice of pizza on the corner and head across the board walk to the mini golf. Head down the street to the beach for a swim, then go to the (now closed) Surf Coaster water park

Now as a grown adult, there are new contenders for most fun to be had here...bars, bikes and boats.


Bars: The Crazy Gringo is a local staple. It serves up strong drinks and delicious Mexican-style food. There’s even a jalapeño eating contest. If you’re looking for live music and burgers head over to Tower Hill Tavern (pictured here). They’ve got sweet blues being played throughout the summer. And finally a MUST for any Weirs Beach goer is to check out The Dive (Dave’s Fave). Owner (of Barn Door Hostel) Dave Cook’s uncle helped build this floating oasis bar and grill that will occasionally be docked at the Weirs throughout the summer of 2019. If you don’t see it there, you’ve gotta get on the water (see Boats below).


Bikes: Weirs Beach is famous for Bike Week. Celebrating its 96th anniversary this year (the world’s oldest motorcycle rally), “Laconia Motorcycle Weekend” held at Weirs Beach is a week long festival filled with booze, bikes, races, live music, tattoos and pure mayhem. Historically this is a place of chaos and even death. 39 people have been killed over the past 19 years. Don’t forget in 1965 when 10,000 people started a riot on the beach and made New York Times headlines. In the past 10 years police have had a higher presence and enforced a strict “no-killing policy”. The event is more organized and secure while it hosts hundreds of vendors, motorcyclists and New Hampshire lovers. In 2019 the event is happening from June 8-16. The Barn Door Hostel is open for reservations and gladly welcomes any attendees.


Boats: Having a boat at Weirs Beach is essential if you want to broaden your horizons to the world of “Lake Life”. Not only will you be able to access The Dive Bar and Grill (pictured here) but you’ll have breathtaking views and endless shopping opportunities at one of the nearby towns of Meredith, Wolfeboro, and Alton. The best boat rentals can be found at Thurston’s Marina in the Weirs, or at Fay’s Boat Yard, just a short drive away. Both offer a variety of rental options, from several hours to several days.

For the less intense, check out the Drive In Movie theater (rumors of shutting down so go while you can!) or take a scenic ride on The M/S Mount Washington ship. Mount Washington Cruise tickets can be purchased at the boardwalk. They even offer dinner cruises!