Dave’s Faves Volume 1 Rumney Village Store - The Country Store With More

Rumney Village Store


Rumney Village Store - The Country Store With More

Proprietors of the Rumney Village Store George and Sheila Bonfiglio and their beloved dogs are heros of Rumney New Hampshire and bring a much needed service to the community. After eighteen months of extensive renovation they opened their doors for business on May 20, 2017.

The “Store" is a beauty...built in 1850 as a blacksmith shop, later being converted to a mercantile. It has almost continuously operated as one of Rumney's general stores since 1865.  Rumney, New Hampshire is a quiet New England Village nestled in the Southern region of the White Mountains National Park in central New Hampshire, steeped in history and a four season tourist destination. Sheila and George say they “are blessed to now call this area our home.”

The “More” consists of a retail shop of some locally made items including honeys (Dave’s Fave), jams, cookie mixes and the like. They also sell local artwork, handmade clothing, seasonal items, groceries, and sundry item. But the shining gem of this amazing store is the food. Every rock climber, Appalachian Trail hiker, and outdoor enthusiast needs a delicious meal, a cold beer, and a good bed to sleep in.

The Rumney Village Store has a deli where you can order phenomenal breakfast sandwiches on the weekends. George used to own a restaurant in Massachusetts and he knows how to make one hell of a bacon egg and cheese. If breakfast isn't your thing (you’re not human...but anyway) you can grab a classic deli sandwich, meatball sub or one of their piping hot soups. Their beer is frosty cold and they carry a well rounded selection of local and nationwide crafts as well as the classics made by the bigger companies. Dave’s Fave are the Squam Lake bottles located next to their wines. Squam Brewing is located just a few miles from the Barn Door Hostel and Rumney Village Store.

Don’t forget about dinner, George and Sheila whip up family size italian dishes several nights a week including chicken parm, pizza (Dave’s Fave is broccoli and onion) and baked ziti. For dessert, you’ll have to call ahead as their pies are made fresh and sell fast! If you have rented a bunk or are camping in your tent at the Barn Door Hostel, you can easily walk to the Rumney Village Store. They are located just 0.9 miles away from the Barn Door Hostel. The Rumney Village Store is at 453 Main St. Rumney, NH 03266. You can call to order a head, their number is 603-786-6020.

Make sure to look for the Dave’s Faves map in the hostel. Rumney Village Store will always be #1 on the list.